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Access your applications from anywhere, as if you are there.
We help you connect your machines to anyone or anything you'd like, wherever they may be.
Create solutions by knowledge management, not development.
By helping you manage your knowledge in our way, we provide you with an environment that makes the rest of it run automatically.
Protect your intellectual property to the fullest, carefree.
With our state of the art security, we help you protect what you know and what you wish to communicate with your machines.
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Access to any device or unit with our generic approach.
Our client solution is based on a design that can be adapted, easy and fast, to any kind of machine protocol and interface.
Mobile, dedicated or proprietary devices for connectivity.
Our client solution is either installed on your machine, a mobile device held by an operator or software adapted to existing connectivity hardware.
Only you have access to your communication protocols.
The communication specifics are under your control. Only you can decide who has access.
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Automate the tasks of your service technicians.
Our platform is built for automation. Any communication with a machine can be done without human intervention.
Scalable services that are continuously available.
When thinking of new services we often limit ourselves to what we believe a human can do. We can help you think outside of that box.
Integrate with your existing services to improve operations.
Learn from usage to create better products, better organize revisions and better prepare for repairs.
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Why move when your competence can be available anywhere.
Avoid traffic, improve responsiveness and increase availability by supporting local technicians with specific problems from a distance.
Improve the flexibility and quality of your technicians.
Train technicians in repairs of new technologies, autonomously. Our platform can guide technicians in their work and can even support them in first repairs.
Your knowledge as a service available to anyone at any time.
You can offer guided repairs as a service to technicians all over the world, even if they have never worked on your machines before.
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For a one time fee, you can start using our platform.
We require a one time fee to use our platform and to use its future updates. Furthermore, to help reduce your investment risk, you get support to the value of the fee.
You get support to the value of the license fee.
To help you create value faster, we include support to train your personnel, to help set up your environment and to build your first applications.
We charge on usage of the platform.
Without high product prices or recurring licensing costs, we help you grow into our solution and help in keeping your operational costs clear and manageable.
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